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Best of British and the Savile Row treatment.
June 3, 2017 Mark Rodrigues

Best of British and the Savile Row treatment.

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Tail-or-Made prides itself on being the Best of British. We not only manufacture our garments in London our fabrics are milled in Scotland from the infamous Holland & Sherry, real sheepskin fleece linings sourced from local farmers in Devon and leather football buttons produced in Yorkshire.

Tail-or-made are a great supporter of best of British and we believe that the skill set of Bespoke should be celebrated more so in England rather than shipping our manufacturing to the far east to cut costs where we feel the quality control is not as impeccable as here in London.

We at Tail-or-made produce our dog coats and tailored blazers to the highest quality and standard that we feel represents Britain. We are not producing thousands of garments and nor will we. We want to keep this brand exclusive and unique hence our limited runs of units.

We are proud to be supported by the 180-year-old Mill Holland & Sherry and with over 3500 swatches to choose from, picking a matching fabric for both canine and man should be straightforward. The only problem we see is that we have too much of a choice but this I guess isn’t such a bad problem.

Tail-or-Made has a core line range that you see online that consist of country moods and grouse moors to exotic leathers.

The designs for the luxury dog coats are based around the tailoring of a human blazer with patch pockets, welted pockets and even action back belts to combine both tailoring and British heritage in one unique garment.

So come support Best of British and try us out.