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Haute Couture Mock Croc
July 8, 2017 Mark Rodrigues

Haute Couture Mock Croc

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Who said we can’t wear leather coats in the summer season? Of course we can. Look outside and spot the gents and ladies in their summer weight leather biker jackets of the evening. So if its acceptable for the companion why can’t the canine have one too?

Tail-or-Made Dog leather coats are lightweight and are also protected from the Great British showers that we see so regular. Our leathers have all been treated so they can easily be sponged down if they get dirty while your dog is running the fields.

Above is a piece from our Haute Couture range. This Tail-or-made leather dog coat is constructed from 100% real genuine MOC CROC in our summer burst yellow. Its sports the cinch back to give salute to the tailoring of today’s world. A little added detail that makes it so much more appealing and classic in our approach to not only combine beast and man through fabric but also through style.

This MOC CROC is available in an array of colours and also comes in PONY HAIR, OSTRICH and even MOC SNAKE. Check out the range on our E-Boutique.

Please do not think that you can only buy Ready to Wear as we have over 250 leather swatches to choose from in our Bespoke service.

So come on Ladies and Gentleman don’t have all the fun and style for oneself share it with your dog or even a gift for your dog loving owner friends.

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