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Tail-or-Made introduces itself to Dignified Dogs and Immaculate Owners.
October 12, 2016 admin

Tail-or-Made introduces itself to Dignified Dogs and Immaculate Owners.

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Meet the couple behind Tail-or-Made Savile Row Ltd

Mark Rodrigues a Savile Row tailor with over a decade of experience working on the Row & Lisa Yatabe a creative stylist and executive make up artist. They have joined forces to create a lifestyle wardrobe for Dog’s & Their Owners.

This luxury lifestyle brand for man and beast is a great supporter of Made in Britain and all products are hand made in England. These carefully hand crafted dog coats are made from the exceptional 180 year old fabric mill Holland & Sherry that can also sport a real sheepskin fleece lining from local farmers in Devon or a raw Irish silk lining in an array of colours.

“ We aim not only to cater for the country resident but to offer the country mood for the city dweller”

One client of ours recently purchased 3 Doe Hair Cashmere dog coats for his two Rhodesian ridgebacks and his Puggle that accumulated in excess of £6,000. His name will stay anonymous until further notice. These dog coats are not for the disconcerted but the lover of sharp tailoring that is the root of Tail-or-made.

The concept of Tail-or-Made is to allow not only the dogs to be fitted out in Luxury Bespoke tailoring but to offer oneself to have a matching blazer, coat or suit to bond between man and beast by fabrics.

As we say at Tail-or-Made.

“Don’t do as one does, dress as one does”